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August 23, 2010

August 23, 2010 - YaLibnan - Gemayel : Elimination of STL is like elimination of Lebanon

MP Nadim Gemayel said during a ceremony on Monday that “the Special Tribunal for Lebanon does not concern only Prime Minister Saad Hariri and his family, or only (former) president Amin Gemayel and his family, or any of the martyrs’ families in particular; and it does not concern the Sunnis, Maronites or the rest of sects . It concerns all those who aspire for a free country”.

The ceremony marked the 28th anniversary of the election of his slain father, Bashir Gemayel, as president of the republic. Gemayel stressed that “without the STL, politically-motivated crimes in Lebanon would become permissible, and we are the ones who do not want the politicization of the tribunal.”

“The issue of the tribunal is imperative to the extent that even if Saad Hariri accepted, we won’t accept, or president Gemayel accepted, we won’t accept, or (Progressive Socialist Party leader MP) Walid Jumblat forgave and forgot, or pretended to forget, it would not be possible for us to accept that the STL be eliminated, because that would be like the elimination of Lebanon,” Gemayel stressed

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