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December 4, 2015

The Daily Star - Woman beaten to death by maid in front of infant, December 04, 2015

Nazih Osseiran

An infant reportedly witnessed her mother being beaten to death by a maid at their house Thursday in the Metn region of Ain Najm.

“I murdered your wife ... call the police and come home,” Jenu Len Rinaldo Jorcque allegedly told the victim’s husband, Aziz Elias Farhat, shortly after committing the crime.

Farhat had just left his home in order to drop his daughter off at school. His wife Nathalie Michel Solbane was at home preparing herself for work. She asked Jorcque to fetch her work attire. When Jorcque was late performing the appointed task, Solbane was furious, and hurled a profane insult at her, a security source told The Daily Star.

Jorcque allegedly attacked Solbane, hitting her in the head with a glass vase and causing her to fall. She then reportedly fetched a 2-kilogram dumbbell, with which she reportedly beat Solbane to death. The source said Solbane’s infant daughter witnessed the entire ordeal. She sustained no injuries.

The source confirmed to The Daily Star that Solbane and Jorcque had a strained relationship. They reportedly clashed frequently due to Solbane’s short temper; she would often lash out at Jorcque.

Farhat rushed home to find his wife half naked and sprawled on the living room floor in a pool of blood. The Lebanese Red Cross arrived on the scene and pronounced her dead. Jorcque reportedly did not attempt to flee and seemed resigned to her fate. The Internal Security Forces and a forensics team also arrived in short in order to inspect the scene. Farhat reportedly remains in shock, unable to comprehend the tragedy. Sources said he would be questioned by the police Friday, after the conclusion of the burial ceremony.

Jorcque was transported to the Broummana Internal Security Forces barracks, where she would remain in custody until the investigation is complete and the trial begins.

Legal sources said that Jorcque would probably be sentenced to death, and would be tried in Lebanon as the law dictates. The sentence may be reduced to life in prison, depending on Farhat’s testimony. Sources indicated that the police were ordered by the judiciary not to divulge any details of the case under threat of punishment.

Since the incident there has been an outpouring of sympathy by friends of Solbane’s family. “It is a very sad day ... We volunteered for almost 10 years to take care of underprivileged children and organize summer camps,” Gilbert Doumit said on Facebook.

“You didn’t come this morning to work, but we didn’t know that you will never come again ... you were full of life and enjoyed every moment as if you knew you are leaving early,” coworker Rania Mouawad Dagher said.

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