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February 25, 2017

The Daily Star- Activists rally in Beirut to demand proportional vote law, February 25 , 2017

BEIRUT: The We Want Accountability civil society movement Saturday rallied in Beirut's Martyr's Square to press officials to quickly approve a new electoral system based on proportional representation.
Tens of protesters took part in the rally, carrying torches and signs, shouting slogans in support of a proportional vote law.
"We want proportional [representation] to hold corrupt [officials] accountable," one sign read.
"Down with the 1960 vote law. Down with sectarianism," protesters shouted. "The people are the red line ... down with the thugs ruling."
"We want to remove the corrupt, we want the proportional representation. A Parliament [elected using the] 1960 [law] is illegitimate," they said, adding that "iron and concrete will not protect the extended Parliament."
Parliament has extended its mandate twice, citing security concerns. The last general elections took place in 2009.
Officials and politicians have repeatedly vowed that they would not tolerate another extension, but would allow for a “technical” extension in case a new electoral law is decided on.
Security forces deployed in the area, as the rally caused a heavy traffic jam.
- 'Our option is to take to the streets' -
A statement read at the end of the demonstration called on political leaders to quickly agree on the new law.
"We have been hearing many statements [by politicians] on the necessity of endorsing a new and modern electoral law that guarantees correct representation," it said.
The statement accused officials of "delaying the approval of a new voting system to push the people to one of two choices: accept a new extension or ambiguous extension by adopting what is similar to the 1960 law."
It added that "those who seized power for years will not be able to silently continue their endeavors."
"Our option is to take to the streets to challenge the projects of authority [controllers] and their attempts to extend the status quo."
Lebanese parties remain at odds over adopting a proportional electoral law or a hybrid law that includes aspects of the proportional and the current 1960 winner-take-all systems.
However, the hybrid vote proposal appeared to be gaining momentum as an alternative to the 1960 law, just days after Prime Minister Saad Hariri and Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk signed a decree calling on voters to participate in the May 21 elections.
Earlier this week, MP Walid Jumblatt said in a change of heart that he supported a hybrid vote law, speaking during a TV interview while visiting France.
The Future Movement and the Lebanese Forces have proposed a hybrid electoral law, while the Free Patriotic Movement, the Amal Movement and Hezbollah have been lobbying for a proportional electoral law.

Source & Link : The Daily Star

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