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July 15, 2016

The Daily Star- ISF denies claims of refugee abuse at police station, July 15 , 2016

BEIRUT: The Internal Security Forces Thursday denied that Syrian refugees were being mistreated at a police station in east Lebanon.
Pictures showing a number of Syrian women and children at the Qaraoun police station in the Western Bekaa had recently stirred public opinion after circulating online, an ISF statement said. Several people described the arrests as “racist” while others alleged that the detainees have been treated in an “inhumane” manner.
The ISF clarified that 17 Syrian children, four women and five men have been arrested by the Lebanese Army for entering the country illegally and without identification papers. They were handed over to the Mashghara police station on June 29.
Women and children were later moved to the Qaraoun police station, the statement said, as “it is more suitable than other police stations” in the area.
“All necessities have been provided to them [women and children], including food, milk, diapers, covers, mattresses, clothing and fans, in cooperation with Qaraoun municipality and prominent figures in the town,” it added.
The statement said that in the meantime, a memo was sent to the General Security Directorate to inform it of the arrests and to handle them according to a decision by the relevant judiciary.
They were handed over to the General Security on June 30.
The incident comes as Lebanese authorities upped their measures against Syrians in the country in light of recent attacks that targeted a northeastern village along the Syrian border.
Several municipalities across the country began cracking down on Syrians, issuing curfews and restricting their movement.
Police and other security agencies also started raiding Syrian makeshift camps, arresting hundreds for not holding the required legal documents and identification papers.
The ISF statement emphasized that the Syrians were treated according to the law and within the bylines of human rights.

Source & Link : The Daily Star

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