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October 29, 2011

Daily Star - Hezbollah should face international court over kidnappings: Marouni, October 29, 2011

BEIRUT: Kataeb party member Elie Marouni called on Hezbollah to face an international court, accusing the party of involement in kidnappings in Lebanon.
Hezbollah should “go to an international court and face the law,” he said.
“There are people who are kidnapped and who disappear. Some of them come back, but they do not dare say where they were kept while in hostage,” said the deputy from Zahle.
On Friday, three Syrians were kidnapped from the southern suburbs of Beirut, and another was also abducted in a separate incident in the same area, security sources told The Daily Star. All four were released the same evening.
The men declined to answer any questions about the details of how they were taken hostage.
A brother of two of the kidnapped men, Idriss al-Sahn, said that when he approached Hezbollah to inquire about the kidnapping, party members denied any knowledge.
Marouni stressed that anyone found to be involved in such crimes should be convicted.

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