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October 31, 2011

Now Lebanon - Charbel: Electoral law awaits ‘political decision’ to be finalized, October 31, 2011

Interior Minister Marwan Charbel said in remarks published on Monday that the electoral draft law prepared by his ministry is “currently present on the cabinet’s agenda, and awaits a political decision to be finalized.”
On October 3, Charbel handed Sleiman a draft electoral law based on proportional representation.
Lebanese parties are debating the electoral law for the upcoming 2013 parliamentary elections. After the parliament agreed on drafting a law based on proportional representation, some parties rejected the proposed law and called for adopting the 2009 electoral law, which is based on simple majority representation.
Addressing the country’s security situation, the minister told Al-Mustaqbal newspaper that the security situation is “good” despite some “daily incidents.”
He also said that the number of police officers assigned to limit security problems is not enough, since most members of the police force “serve ministers, MPs and judges… instead of [being free] to protect security.”
Asked about Friday’s report that Syrian nationals were abducted in Bir Hassan, Charbel said investigations showed that it was not the case of an abduction.
“There was no kidnapping; they returned home safely. According to the statement they gave in the Bir Hassan [police station], they confirmed they were robbed and not kidnapped.”
Syrian national Idriss al-Sahen said on Friday that his brothers Mustafa and Yassine as well as their friend Issa Saleh were kidnapped from Bir Hassan.

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