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October 25, 2011

Now Lebanon - Geagea: Human Rights Committee session is a farce, October 25, 2011

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea said on Tuesday that “the least thing one can say about the Human Rights Parliamentary Committee’s Monday session is that it is a farce.”
“The judiciary was [used] to concealing an abduction operation, details of which still remain undisclosed,” Geagea told Al-Markaziya news agency.
He also said that the family members of the Jassem brothers, the Syrian nationals who were abducted in Lebanon, “might have been kidnapped in order to remove all traces and all people who would demand the truth behind [their relatives’ capture].”
Geagea also said that what happened during the session “tarnishes the reputation of the Lebanese judiciary and [lessens people’s] respect for the state.”
LBC television reported on Monday that Hezbollah MP Ali Ammar threatened Future bloc MP Ahmad Fatfat during a meeting of the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee that was addressing the issue of the Jassem brothers’ abduction.
In March, Syrian national Jassem Merii al-Jassem and his three brothers Chedid, Ahmad and Ali were abducted in Lebanon.
Commenting on Hezbollah’s attempt to install its own telecommunications network in the Baabda town of Tarchich, Geagea said that “Hezbollah is not allowed to install the network in any town [in Lebanon].”
He also praised the residents of Tarchich “who stood by their municipality and prevented [Hezbollah] from invading their town.”
The LF leader also held the Telecommunications Ministry responsible in the case of Hezbollah’s network, and said that “Telecommunications Minister [Nicolas Sehnaoui] should order the ministry’s technicians and contractors to not install any non-state network.”
MTV reported on Friday that Hezbollah “threatened” residents of Tarchich after they prevented party members from installing a telecommunications network in the town.

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