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December 31, 2009

Daily Star - Ethiopian cleared of killing baby - December 31,2009

BEIRUT: The Beirut Criminal Court announced on Wednesday the innocence of an Ethiopian maid charged with killing her newborn baby, and decided to release her for lack of evidence. Marta Menjesto Laza wLebanon Ethiopian cleared of killing baby.docas pregnant from her Ethiopian husband when she arrived to Lebanon to work at the house of the Obayda family. Laza was able to hide her pregnancy until she gave birth in her employer’s bathroom on September 25, 2008. She then wrapped her infant in towels and placed him under a bed before being rushed to the hospital by her employers because of heavy bleeding. Laza’a employers soon found the hidden baby dead. The court physician’s report said the child died immediately after birth because he was not able to breath and his mother was not able to provide him with immediate medical care. Furthermore, the report mentioned that Laza had suffered complications during her pregnancy, which affected the baby’s health. – The Daily Star

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