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July 21, 2011

Now Lebanon - “False witnesses” file is the cabinet’s priority, says Nahhas - July 21, 2011

Labor Minister Charbel Nahhas said on Thursday that the issue of witnesses who gave unreliable testimonies to the international commission investigating former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s 2005 assassination is a “priority” to be addressed in cabinet.
“The ‘false witnesses’ file is no doubt a priority, and the competent authority to resolve this issue must be defined,” Nahhas told Al-Manar television.
He also added that “the Lebanese state cannot wash its hands off this issue,” and called on judicial authorities “to carry out their duties.”
Before the collapse of Saad Hariri’s cabinet in January, the Hezbollah-backed March 8 politicians have called for the government to task the Justice Council with investigating the issue of witnesses who gave unreliable. However, March 14 figures have said that the regular judiciary should handle the matter.
The March 8 ministers resigned over the dispute, causing the collapse of Saad Hariri’s cabinet.
The Hezbollah-led coalition, which accuses the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) of being politicized, then secured a majority and nominated Najib Mikati for premiership.
Mikati’s cabinet received parliament’s vote of confidence on July 7.

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