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November 19, 2016

The Daily Star- NGO warns north Lebanon camp eviction could cause 'humanitarian crisis', November 19 , 2016

BEIRUT: A Lebanese NGO Saturday criticized an eviction warning issued by security forces to refugees living in a north Lebanon camp last week, calling it vague and potentially disastrous.
The Union of Relief and Development Associations (URDA) in Lebanon said in a statement that its hasn't yet received "an formal written or legal warning for the need to vacate the [Rayhanieh] campsite (in north Lebanon) within a specified time limit."
"A security personnel had verbally informed the camp's administration [last week of] the need to evacuate the area," the statement said.
URDA said that it has been following up on the warning by contacting relevant authorities and ministries to clarify the basis of such a decision and sought to resolve the problems or at least look for alternatives."
However, the motives behind the decision to evacuate the camp remain vague and no alternatives have been also made to secure a residence for the refugees.
The statement said that the makeshift camp, founded in 2013, is situated on the western outskirts of Bibnine town in the northern Akkar district and has been established on a remote farming area, five kilometers away from any formal institutions – civilian or security – and is surrounded by a small number of residential areas.
It said that the refugees have good relations with their neighbors.
The campsite, established on private land a rented by URDA, has 300 temporary tents with 80 percent women and children.
The statement described the camp as "one of the most organized and disciplined shelters ... and managed by Lebanese employees, who reside in the area."
It pointed out that Lebanese security agencies control the security situation in the encampment, without any obstacles.
The statement warned of a "humanitarian crisis" if the campsite was vacated as there are no alternatives, in particular with the near arrival of the winter season and the bad financial circumstances of the refugees.
U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees has registered some 1.1 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, however the Lebanese government estimates the total figure to be closer to 1.5 million.
Five years after the onset of the war in Syria, Lebanon continues to endure the largest refugee crisis in its history.
Economic, security, health care, humanitarian and education disasters have piled up in the country as a result. Every area in Lebanon has been affected by the influx of refugees, especially those near the Syrian border, which bare the heaviest burden.
In addition to hosting vast numbers of refugees, Lebanon has also had to face the resulting political and security turmoil.
This influx has exacerbated underlying conditions in a country that was already witnessing social and economic problems prior to the Syrian conflict.

Source & Link : The Daily Star

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