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November 10, 2016

The Daily Star- Special Tribunal for Lebanon, defense highlights concerns over presentation of evidence, November 10 , 2016

BEIRUT: Defense counselors at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon Wednesday called into question the presentation of evidence while logging exhibits and written testimony. Defense counsel Guenael Mettreaux discussed “issues that pertain generally to preparations made in the lead up to [the assassination],” and reiterated his opposition to the prosecution’s flawed method of presenting evidence.
The prosecution has built its case against the five Lebanese defendants being tried in absentia on evidence largely drawn from cellular phone networks. Lots of data and corresponding maps have been used to establish how the attack that killed former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and 21 others in 2005 was carried out.
Referring to the prosecution’s hesitancy to provide a full account of connections between different items of evidence until later in the trial, Mettreaux explained that, “The purpose of this exercise is to ensure that the trial chamber is as informed as we are.”
The chambers, he noted, “should be in a position [regarding available information] that is no worse or better than the parties.”
Mettreaux also expressed concern over the “hyper-selectivity” of the evidence provided by the prosecution. While he noted that, “there is a mountain of information that we and the prosecution are aware of,” Mettreaux asserted that not enough was being presented to the judges.
In response to these concerns, the defense suggested that either the chamber or pretrial judges “look further into aspects of the case that they consider critical.”
Clearly concerned that the information provided by the prosecution was not up to the task, Mettreaux stated clearly that, “you should be in a position where you can decide for yourself whether information is relevant to your assessment.”
Proceedings at the tribunal will continue Thursday before breaking until Nov. 23.

Source & Link : The Daily Star

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