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November 29, 2011

iloubnan- Resignation is Mikati's only solution, says Daher, November 29, 2011

MP Khaled Daher al-Sharq radio station on Tuesday that the only solution for Prime Minister Najib Mikati is to resign. 

The MP added that Mikati should not stand with a cabinet that protected and defended killers, adding that the Syrian regime cares for this cabinet and is exerting pressure to keep it, but Hezbollah is embarrassed because the accused persons in martyr Rafik Hariri's assassination are from Hezbollah's party. 

"Since the formation of President Bashar Assad's cabinet in Lebanon, we realized that it came to serve the Syrian regime", Daher said, pointing out that the Syrian people toppled this regime. 

The MP stressed that the cabinet cannot confront the world by refusing international resolutions, pointing out that March 8 won't squander the cabinet that supports the Syrian regime. 

Daher said that March 8 forces which stole the parliamentary majority is now in a big trouble, adding that if this team funded STL this means that they recognized it, pointing out that this issue contradicts with what Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah announced, when he said that the tribunal is an American Zionist project, adding "if March 8 refused to fund STL then the cabinet would be toppled". 

On the other hand, Daher stressed that Tripoli's Independence Day on Sunday was not directed to PM Najib Mikati but to who are behind the cabinet. 

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