The Lebanese Center for Human Rights (CLDH) is a local non-profit, non-partisan Lebanese human rights organization in Beirut that was established by the Franco-Lebanese Movement SOLIDA (Support for Lebanese Detained Arbitrarily) in 2006. SOLIDA has been active since 1996 in the struggle against arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance and the impunity of those perpetrating gross human violations.

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April 1, 2014

The Daily Star - Parliament convenes amid protests, April 1, 2014

A three-day Parliament session kicked off Tuesday as Electricite du Liban part-time workers protested nearby, with more sit-ins expected over other items on the legislature's agenda.

The workers marched from the EDL headquarters in the Beirut neighborhood of Mar Mikhael to downtown, attempting to get as close as possible to Parliament in Nejmeh Square.

Security forces and riot police prevented the demonstrators from approaching the premises as some of the workers tried to break through the barriers.

The protesters, who have staged similar demonstrations over the past few months, want Parliament to approve a draft law that would grant them full-time employment but with certain amendments. The proposal is the first item on Parliament’s 70-item agenda.

If passed, the law would grant over 1,000 EDL contract workers full time contracts.

Meanwhile, inbound and outbound flights from Rafik Hariri International Airport, with the exception of official flights and emergency cases, were suspended for two hours at 10 a.m. due to a strike by air traffic controllers.

Air traffic controllers are demanding amendments to a government proposal to raise the salaries of public servants. The parliamentary committee studying the draft law failed to approve the proposal last week.

Activists with the rights organization KAFA gathered outside of Parliament in what they said would be an open-ended sit-in until Parliament endorsed a bill to protect women from domestic violence.

The draft law to protect women from domestic violence was first submitted to the Parliament in 2010, and a parliamentary subcommittee began studying it in May 2011 and finalized its amendments in August 2012.

The amendments altered the title of the text, which now refers to violence against the family, as opposed violence against women specifically.

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