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March 26, 2010

March 26, 2010 - Naharnet - Bellemare's Office: Speculations on Investigation Unhelpful, STL Doesn't Argue its Case Through the Media

The Office of the Prosecutor of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon on Friday responded to ongoing speculations on its work."The Office of the Prosecutor takes note of the flurry of speculations on its work reported by the media and attributed to 'unidentified sources,' some of which are described as 'well informed sources' and 'sources close to the investigation.' The Office of the Prosecutor considers speculations on the state of progress of its work and the date of issuance of an indictment quite unfortunate and unhelpful as they can only confuse the public," said a statement issued by Radhia Achouri, spokesperson for STL Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare.

"The Office of the Prosecutor takes strong exception to any allegation or insinuation that it is deliberately leaking information to the press and strongly emphasizes that the communications policy of the Prosecutor is a disciplined and responsible one that places paramount importance on the integrity of the work of his Office and the process he is leading as well as on public confidence," the statement added.

"As a matter of principle, the Office of the Prosecutor does not argue its case in or through the media. If the Office wants to share information with the public, it does so publicly and on the record."

OTP stressed that anything reported by individuals other than the Prosecutor or his official spokesperson "are mere speculations and should be treated as such."

"Nobody else is authorized to speak on behalf of the Office of the Prosecutor," the statement warned.

"The Office of the Prosecutor underlines that any unauthorized disclosure by anyone entrusted with the confidential details of the work of the Prosecutor is a very serious matter and those found to be in violation of this trust will be held accountable."

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