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July 21, 2014

The Daily Star - Rifi pledges resolution for detainees case, July 21, 2014

Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi pledged Saturday to work for the resolution of Tripoli’s detainees' issue, stressing that the state only has the right to hold arms and protect the people.

“I understand our people’s voices in Tripoli, especially the parents of the detainees who gave in to the security forces and judicial authorities,” Rifi posted on his Twitter account.

“I assure that I will follow this case hour by hour, and I will not let go my duties toward my people and country.”

Tripoli had been witnessing extensive protests by the parents of Islamist detainees who were incarcerated during Tripoli’s security plan implementation in the spring.

Former Tripoli MP Misbah Ahdab Friday expressed his total support for the cause, accusing the state of discriminating against the Sunni population.

Rifi also said that the official security forces are the only side eligible to hold arms, and that only they will protect the Lebanese.

“The city’s security will be ensured by the state, the state alone, with its legitimate forces,” he said.

“No to any illegitimate weapon in any hand, the state alone is responsible for the people’s security.”

Separately, the Tripoli-born Rifi said that an economic development plan targeting the city is underway, and called for a wide support for this plan.

“We have started working on ... a plan for economic rise, that will create job opportunities for thousands of our youth,” Rifi tweeted. “I call on all those who possess the ability, to contribute into the plan.”

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