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November 8, 2014

ILoubnan - Abou Faou International community fails in dealing with the displaced case, November 08, 2014

Minister of Public Health Wael Abou Faour noted Saturday that the international community failed in dealing with the displaced Syrians' case as well as in dealing with Lebanon in the regarded issue.

Talking about the medical help that the ministry is providing, Abou Faour said that the Public Health ministry has covered only very urgent cases-- life and death cases-- explaining that this alone costs the Lebanese state huge amounts of money every year.

Abou Faour said in an interview in Moscow that the Health Ministry had not yet received any support except for the primary health care program in collaboration with the World Bank, adding that the said program "does not cover those (the displaced) needs."

The minister described the issue as "a part of the international failure in dealing with the displaced Syrians issue."

Abou Faour noted that Lebanon "might be one of the most countries of the world which might be subject to the spread of Ebola epidemic; however, we have not registered any case yet."

"We were obliged to impose tough measures on air-line companies, at the airport and the domestic level," Abou Faour said, adding that introducing those measures prepared Lebanon to confront any case related to the said epidemic.

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