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November 17, 2014

ILoubnan - Death sentence against Islamist detainees reduced to life imprisonment, November 17, 2014

Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi on Monday stressed that "death sentence against Islamist detainees is reduced to life imprisonment."

Regarding the two-hour deadline given by the kidnappers to slaughter the military soldiers, he said "negotiations are underway via a crisis cell and not through judiciary;" adding that "judiciary is fulfilling its duty as well as the crisis cell."

Rifi's remarks came in an interview with National News Agency.

"I was committed since I had assumed my post at the ministry to accelerate all verdicts, especially verdicts of the Islamists and Nahr al-Bared. There is no doubt that the Lebanese state had committed a crime against Islamist detainees when it had delayed their trial 5 years or more," Rifi said.

He praised the previously exerted efforts of former Justice Minister Shakib Qortbawi when he was at the ministry and saluted the judges of the Judicial Council, who are living a state of emergency and alert.

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