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November 19, 2014

ILoubnan - De Freij STL's evidences reveal matters, November 19, 2014

Minister of Administrative Reform, MP Nabil de Freij, on Wednesday stressed that STL has entered into a new stage, confirming that "some people worry that evidences may expose matters" an issue which might raise tension.

The minister called on all the Lebanese sides to hold responsibility in a bid to preserve civil peace during this critical stage.

Regarding the presidential election session, the minister pressed the need to elect a president, adding that "Deputy Michel Aoun and Hezbollah have decided not to secure quorum."

"We know that March 8 would not secure the quorum to elect a president, but we go to parliament as we are keen on the presidency post," the minister asserted.

He criticized linking the presidential file to the ongoing nuclear negotiations between the United States and Iran, denouncing foreign interventions.

Regarding the new electoral law, the minister said "every team in Lebanon thinks of a law that will secure its party more MPs."

De Freij insisted that adopting the Orthodox law would be catastrophic to constitutional formula.

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