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May 12, 2014

ILoubnan - IMF calls for more aid to help Lebanon face the influx of Syrian refugees, May 12, 2014

The International Monetary Fund has called on the international community to increase its assistance to Lebanon "which is experiencing an unprecedented influx of Syrian refugees that is weakening the economy."

"The Syrian crisis has caused an unparalleled influx of refugees, the current number would form a quarter of the [Lebanese] population," a statement released by the IMF delegation at the end of its visit to Beirut said.

According to the Fund, Lebanese state institutions including hospitals, schools and public services were "under pressure," and the country's security was "severely affected."

"The unemployment rate in Lebanon has almost doubled and affects 20% of the labour force," the statement said, "while the economic growth rate of 2% remains well below the level it was before the Syrian crisis in March 2011."

Thus, the statement concluded that the financial aid of 800 million USD, granted to Lebanon last year by the international community, was not sufficient.

"The support of donor countries and the budget of the Lebanese people remain low despite the many calls in this regard."

The statement recalled that the United Nations had estimated in early March that Lebanon would need 19 billion USD to cover its needs and had, in this context, regretted that it only received 14% of this amount.

"Without the financial support of the international community, the needs of the Lebanese people and refugees will not be insured, " the IMF warned.

The IMF statement came as the United Nation said on Tuesday that it was concerned about the increased restrictions on Palestine refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria from entering Lebanon.

"We recognize that Lebanon has given refuge to hundreds of thousands of people fleeing the conflict in Syria, including about 50,000 Palestinians, and is in need of increased international assistance", the UNRWA spokesperson, Chris Gunness, stated in a press release. "However we underscore the position of the Security Council which has affirmed 'the importance of the principle of non-refoulement' and recalled its 'encouragement to countries neighbouring Syria to protect all people fleeing the violence in Syria, including Palestinians'," the UN agency for the Palestinian refugees in the Middle East added.

The UNRWA is monitoring the situation on the Lebanese Syrian border. On May 10, Chris Gunness said that, at the crossing point at Masnaa between Lebanon and Syria, around 25 Palestinians tried to cross the border into Lebanon between May 4 and May 8. Only "few" of them were allowed to enter Lebanon, he stated.

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