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January 29, 2010

Daily Star - Majdalani Palestinians Will Abide By Lebanese Decisions

Daily Star staff

BEIRUT: Palestinian Labor Minister Ahmad Majdalani stressed Thursday that Palestinian authorities respected Lebanon’s independence and sovereignty, and were ready to abide by any Lebanese decision, especially concerning Palestinian weapons outside refugee camps. He was speaking following talks in Beirut with his Lebanese counterpart Butros Harb.
“Palestinian leaders are committed to the 2006 decision of the Lebanese National Dialogue Conference concerning Palestinian weapons outside refugee camps and whatever the Lebanese decide, we will support,” he said. The conference had unanimously agreed to disarm Palestinians outside refugee camps.
The Palestinian arsenal sparked controversy earlier this month when Abu Moussa, the head of Fatah al-Intifadah, a Palestinian militia, said he completely rejected the disarmament of Palestinians inside or outside refugee camps in Lebanon, arguing that they were part of the resistance against Israel.
Majdalani then tackled the social and humanitarian situation inside refugee camps and said Palestinian refugees had the right to a dignified life in Lebanon until they return to their homeland. “Palestinian authorities will not negotiate the issue of naturalization and they are devoted to the right of Palestinians to return to their country,” he said.
Harb reiterated that Palestinian refugees should be given their rights and said it was the duty of the Lebanese government to care for the Palestinians during their time of crisis. He added that his meeting with Majdalani had been positive and showed cooperation toward turning a new page in Lebanese-Palestinian ties.
The two ministers also met on Wednesday and discussed guaranteeing labor rights for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. They confirmed Palestine’s respect of Lebanese sovereignty, refused the naturalization of refugees, and stressed the importance of amending laws to allow Palestinians to practice certain professions. – The Daily Star

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