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March 24, 2014

The Daily Star - Police arrest two over rape of domestic worker, March 24, 2014

Police detained two employees at an employment agency for domestic workers over the rape of an Ethiopian woman, the Internal Security Forces said in a statement Sunday.

On March 17, a 33-year-old Ethiopian domestic worker filed a complaint at the Tripoli police station, claiming she was raped by an employee at the agency.

The woman, B.E., and her employer headed to the agency's office in the northern town of Koura in a bid to resolve problems between them, the ISF said.

The agency's secretary, identified as L.S., 24, phoned A.Z., 40, an employee at the office, to come and settle the dispute between the Ethiopian woman and her employer.

Upon his arrival, the man reportedly sought to “discipline” the domestic worker by forcing her to take off her clothes for inspection.

“He raped her after beating her repeatedly with his belt, while the secretary heard everything because she was in the next room,” the statement added.

The man, who was arrested along with the secretary, also threatened the domestic worker to remain silent.

A doctor corroborated the Ethiopian woman’s allegation, documenting bruises on the worker's body as well as bruises on the alleged rapist.

In its statement, the ISF urged citizens who have been victims of such violence to call the 112 hotline or to use the following online services to report abuse:

Twitter: ebisf, Facebook: Lebanese internal security forces, and

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