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October 4, 2012

Naharnet - Committee on Sheikh Abdul Wahed's Death Urges Government to Reopen Case, October 4 2012

Committee on Sheikh Abdul Wahed's Death Urges Govt. to Reopen Case, Refer it to Judicial Council

The authority charged with following up on the case of the death of Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Wahed and his companion Sheikh Mohammed Merheb demanded on Wednesday that the case be reopened following recent revelations that the Syrian regime was involved in the crime, reported the National News Agency.
The authority demanded from President Michel Suleiman and Prime Minister Najib Miqati to reopen the case and refer it to the judicial council.
“We will consider the government complicit in the crime if it fails to adhere to this demand,” said Abdul Wahed's brother Alaa after the meeting.
He warned that the authority may begin preparations, with the Mustaqbal Movement and March 14 camp, to take escalatory measures to tackle the matter.
In addition, he called for warrants to be issued against a number of Syrian officers mentioned in the leaked documents obtained by al-Arabiya television.
The satellite television network had broadcast on Tuesday a report saying that Abdul Wahed was killed at Syria's behest.
The claim was backed by documents demonstrating the Syrian intelligence's role in the affair.
On May 20, Abdul Wahed's vehicle was halted at an army checkpoint in the northern region of Kweikhat where he was killed.
The Syrian opposition said that the officer responsible for the checkpoint is a close ally of the Syrian regime and was tasked with assassinating the cleric in coordination with Makhlouf.
The incident sparked tensions between the residents of the North and the army, with the former blocking roads in outrage against the murder.

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