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October 14, 2016

The Daily Star- Special Tribunal for Lebanon, Rafik Hariri bodyguard recalls scene of assassination, October 14 , 2016

BEIRUT: A former security guard of Rafik Hariri said Thursday that the aftermath of the bombing “looked like hell,” as he testified on the assassination and Hariri’s movements in the weeks leading up to it. Witness PRH009 was present at the scene of the 2005 explosion, and sustained both physical and mental trauma in the attack. During this week’s STL hearings, the former bodyguard has spent a significant amount of time detailing the events immediately following the bombing.
“It looked like hell. It was hard for me to set my eyes on what I saw,” he recounted. “I saw vehicles on fire, I could hear fire. I stepped out of the car to help retrieve victims, and I forgot about my pain.”
Moments before PRH009 was dismissed from the courtroom, Trial Chamber President Judge David Re expressed his gratitude for the witness’ emotionally burdensome obligation. “I wanted to thank you for giving us your testimony on these events, which I understand are not easy to confront.”
The afternoon session was shortened, as the prosecution took care of some legal housekeeping regarding the admissibility of certain pieces of evidence that have been presented to the court. “There are a number of documents that must be admitted to the trial chamber. There were some previous statements made [in past years] that are now deemed admissible,” Senior Prosecutor Alexander Milne told judges.
The STL officially opened in March 2009, superseding the United Nations International Independent Investigation Commission, though the trial did not go ahead until January 2014. Since its inception, dozens of witnesses have been called multiple times to give testimony.
Prosecutor Fabia Wong led the rest of the hearing, sorting through a dossier of old and new evidence, including cellular data and witness statements, which have been presented over the course of the proceedings. The trial is expected to resume on Oct. 24.

Source & Link : The Daily Star

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