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June 9, 2015

The Daily Star - Fire leaves families homeless in Sidon refugee camp, June 09, 2015

A massive fire broke out in Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp in the southern city of Sidon Tuesday, destroying the homes of 15 families.

Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian families who resided in the Tinkayat neighborhood of the camp were made homeless by the fire, which broke out overnight, and several people were hospitalized for smoke inhalation.

Firefighters who rushed to the scene faced several difficulties in extinguishing the blaze, which spread quickly due to flammable materials used in the tents’ construction.

The situation was also exacerbated by the collapse of power lines over the area, as well as the high density of tents.

Lebanese Army personnel helped the firefighters evacuate the families from their homes.

The cause of the blaze is still unknown.

Ain al-Hilweh residents called on the Lebanese authorities and Syrian factions in the camp to provide assistance to as many of the families as possible as they no longer have any shelter in the camp.

There has been a spate of fires in refugee camps across Lebanese territory in the last few weeks.

On June 1st a baby was killed when a fire broke out in a Syrian refugee camp in the Bekaa Valley. Three days later 13 tents burnt down and two people were injured during a fire in another Syrian refugee camp in the northern town of Minyeh.

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