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August 11, 2011

Naharnet - Geagea: Assassinations Were Aimed at Creating a Major Political Change in Lebanon - August 11, 2011

Lebanese Forces Samir Geagea stated on Thursday that the meetings at the Justice Palace demonstrate that former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s assassination is linked to the assassination attempts against former ministers Marwan Hamadeh and Elias Murr and ex-LBCI anchorwoman May Chidiac.
Meetings were held on Thursday between General Prosecutor Saeed Mirza and a Special Tribunal for Lebanon delegation with Murr, Hamadeh, and Chidiac.
Geagea said of the assassinations: “They were aimed at creating a major political change in Lebanon.”
“Arrogance can no longer help anyone,” he stressed.
On the electricity file in Lebanon and the electricity draft law that was not approved at parliament on Wednesday, he said: “The problem is that Energy Minister Jebran Bassil stated that he should be given USD 1.2 billion in order to increase production in Lebanon by 700 megawatts.”
“We all want to increase energy production, but there are certain principles that should be adopted in conducting work in the state,” remarked Geagea.
“If we want to increase the production to 700 megawatts, why should we do so outside state principles and without the supervision of the auditing authorities?” he wondered.
“We want to increase electricity production, but according to the norms,” he stressed.
“The other camp has been stating for years that funds are being spent outside the state budget, and now that they assumed power, they are attempting to do so themselves,” noted the LF leader.
Parliament failed to approve on Wednesday a draft law on electricity that was suggested by FPM leader MP Michel Aoun.
The draft law allows Bassil to receive $1,200,000,000 to implement a project on producing 700 Megawatts of electricity.
March 14-led opposition sources said on Wednesday that the draft law gives Bassil the freedom to use the amount of money without referring to the cabinet or without any monitoring by the Audit Bureau.
On the Antelias bombing that took place earlier on Thursday, Geagea said: “Investigations can be launched at a very advanced rate because the identities of those who planted the bomb are known and it exploded as they were placing it.

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