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August 12, 2011

Now Lebanon - Nadim Gemayel: Antelias explosion was a terrorist attack - August 12, 2011

Kataeb bloc MP Nadim Gemayel said in an interview published on Friday that Thursday’s Antelias explosion is “a terrorist attack par excellence.”
Gemayel said he was not convinced the two men came to Antelias to resolve their personal disagreements as some media outlets reported, adding, “No one in Lebanon nowadays carries a gun on his waist band, let alone an explosive device.”
The Kataeb MP told Al-Jumhuriya newspaper that “the explosion is related to the political affiliation of these men, especially because their parents confirmed that they had sent their sons to die as martyrs and not die on the streets.”
The MP also said that “the state failed again to protect the citizens against the arrogant behavior of Hezbollah, which [does whatever it wants] and plays with explosives.”
Two men were killed in Antelias in a parking lot when explosives they were handling detonated, causing a huge blast.

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