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May 19, 2014

NNA - UNHCR 9000 Syrians displaced into Lebanon last week, May 19, 2014

Nine thousand Syrians have been displaced into Lebanon last week alone, the UNHCR stated in its weekly report today.

A total of one million and seventy six thousand refugees benefit from UNHCR relief with up to 52600 still awaiting to be registered, the report added.

With the bulk of refugees mainly centered in the Beqaa and the rest equitably distributed all over the country, many Syrians are threatened with the dire possibility of eviction from their encampments, the report said.

UNHCR currently engages with INTERSOS in fund-raising in order to allow up
to 30 Syrian families pay their rent.

Efforts are also being made to compensate worst-hit Lebanese communities by laying water mains and digging artesian wells.

Oxfam is also offering counseling to children. Up to 6000 families benefited from food rations provided by UNHCR and Concern.

Thousands more benefited from hospitalization and other medical services provided by the UNHCR and other charities, the report concluded.

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